Love, Western Style

March 2, 2009

Rancho de Mucho CalienteWhat is it about cowboys and the West that have kept people fascinated by the lifestyle for over a century?

I’ve thought about this as both a resident of the west, an author of western erotica, and a reader who loves reading about it.  And, oh yes – a woman who thinks a cowboy is the sexiest man in the world.

I think it is the mystique of the Old West which still exists in some form today. Have you ever been in a store, or just visited a place, and run into a tall, dark, and handsome cowboy wearing a hat, a tight pair of Wranglers, a silver buckle on his belt, and a pair of well-worn boots? Who isn’t turned on by a cute little butt emphasized by a pair of Ws and arms muscular from working hard for a living? And how about the sight of a long, lean cowboy standing tall in the saddle? Can you say “yummy”?

And then there’s the demeanor of a cowboy. He is usually respectful and soft spoken, and says things like “Thank you, ma’am” and “Y’all”. He is polite and believes in treating a woman like a woman. Yet he’s tough as nails. He knows how to tame a horse and round up cattle. He can endure days, and even weeks, of discomfort which might fell another man.

Western cowboys can’t be fenced in. They love wide open spaces, the warmth of sunshine on their face, and the feel of a horse beneath their seat. They enjoy the smell of leather and hay and looking out at the horizon to see miles and miles of unspoiled countryside.

Of course western men, or even ‘cowboys’, don’t necessarily live only on ranches. I’ve met many a cowboy who worked as a firefighter, construction worker, or even a banker for a living. But their spirit, their personality, and their style were all purely cowboy.

This cowboy and his lifestyle is the main character I bring to readers with my short erotica stories – along with a better understanding of these proud, strong, Western men and the reason we women go nuts for ’em!

Randi Lambert


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  1. And they’re hot. Really, really HOT!


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