With Erotica It’s the Quality, Not the Quantity

April 1, 2009

Just the other day I was spending some time surfing the ‘net, as I wont to do quite often, and I decided to check out some of our competition.

I perused the listing of erotica offered by Mobipocket Books at their website. I have to admit, I was quite amazed at the shoddy quality of the writing displayed in the blurbs and excerpts and the very cheap looking cover art on most of the erotica books there. I found such things as gang banging, anal sex, and other stuff I am just not into reading about. My tastes run more towards a fully developed plot, characters I can care about, and more than just sex between two people with the libidos of two bunnies.

That is what sets Carnal Passions apart, in my opinion. Our publisher, Ellen, only accepts high quality fiction and she packages it in a beautiful format with truly spectacular covers. This erotica is not cheap and sleazy fiction you feel the need to hide from your friends and coworkers.

And by the way, I just received my first review for Rancho de Mucho Caliente from Reading New Mexico. It’s a real keeper! Sabra says:

This novella (only 50+ pages) is a fun read. My only wish is that Lambert had taken the time to expand this into a full novel. Her characters deserved it and her writing talent deserved it, too.

So treat yourself and go check out some of the fantastic fiction at Carnal Passions today!

Randi Lambert



One comment

  1. Erotica holds different purposes for different people. Some people just need a little literary tickling. Some want truly developed stories. As a rule, I think women read erotica as foreplay to free their sexual desires. I think I will do a poll!
    Keep you the good work!

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