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Hello world!

February 27, 2009

I am firmly of the opinion that Mother Nature is either a control freak or has a sick sense of humor.

Just when we start to think of all things warm and spring-like, she pokes her head up long enough to remind us that she is in charge. Mama Nature will decide when we get spring, and just to emphasize her point, what does she do? She dumps six inches of snow on us, and drops the weather to sub-zero temperatures. Nice lady, eh?

Now don’t get me wrong. I love winter. I love icicles glinting in the morning sun, clean white snow stretched out across the back yard, thick hoarfrost clinging to tree branches. I love the sound of snow crunching beneath my feet. I even love the way a frosty day can make the inside of my nose tickle.

However, there comes a time when I’m ready for warmer climes. I am so ready to abandon my thick winter coat, scarf, toque and mittens. I am so ready to pull out my new lightweight suede jacket that I barely got to use last year before the cold weather hit. I am so ready to sniff the aroma of freshly cut grass and flowers blossoming in gardens. And I can’t wait to be able to take long strolls along the river, without having to fear hypothermia. Yes, I am ready for spring!

Would someone please email Ma Nature with my request? She doesn’t seem to be listening to me.

‘Til next time,