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Hot Shots Are Some Really, Really Hot Hunks

March 10, 2009

So, I’ve teased Ellen with the promise that in the upcoming months I am going to write a new story featuring a Hot Shot.

What is a Hot Shot, you might ask?Hot Shots

According to Wikipedia, Hot Shots are part of a crew of 20 or firefighters who are highly skilled and specially trained to fight wildland fires. They are considered an interagency, national resouce most often used in response to large, high-priority fires in remote areas. They work for extended hours and periods of time for various federal government agencies.  Their name comes from their ability to work in the hottest part of a fire. Requirements and training to become part of  Hot Shot crew is rigorous. They are often required to perform other duties in addition to suppressing fires, such as search and rescue, assisting in disaster response, forestry jobs, or function as onsite paramedics.

The National Interagency Fire Center says this: “These firefighters are generally given assignments on the toughest part of a fire and use a variety of specialized hand tools, including chainsaws and fireline explosives”.

What makes a Hot Shot stay in such great shape?

The  minimum physical requirements for a firefighter to become a Hot Shot are completion of a 3-mile hike carrying a 45 pound pack in under 45 minutes, an 1 1/2 mile run in 10 minutes 35 seconds or less, 25+ push-ups in 60 seconds, 40+ sit-ups in 60 seconds, and 7 pull-ups.

According to a 2002 study cited in a Montana State University article, “Hot Shot firefighters burn calories at levels equal to mountain climbers and combat soldiers”. One of the firefighters interviewed for the aticle stated that he “carries about 70 pounds of equipment, including a chain saw, fuel and tools. The terrain can vary from relatively flat to a 40 percent grade, and the shifts can vary from eight hours to up to 16 hours a day”.

I first came into contact with Hot Shots when I lived in New Mexico and worked at the family auto parts store. They came into town every summer to battle the wildfires prevalent in the surrounding wilderness areas. Some of them would frequent our store in their off time, buying parts to repair their equipment. Occasionally, they would get enough time off to relax for a night at a local bar, sharing beers and stories of their derring-do.

And oh, Lordy, ladies! These men were incredibly hot. They wore tight T-shirts straining against their massive shoulder and arm muscles, pants that showed off their cute, tight little butts, and all of them had really nice tans complement their handsome features. Is it any wonder I’ve had the hots for them all these years? Sheesh, I’m getting excited all over again just thinking about them. Summer’s coming…

Readers, what do you think? Is a story about a Hot Shot something you would want to read?

Randi Lambert
Carnal Passions Author